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Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2013

Roasting and Pouring Coffee

Alterra turns 20 and becomes Colectivo

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Unless you were on a social media hiatus last week, it would have been nearly impossible to miss the news that Alterra Coffee has changed their name to Colectivo Coffee. The new name is taken from the colorful buses that pervade public transportation in Latin America. After 20 years of roasting and pouring some of the most popular coffee in Milwaukee, Alterra’s founders chose to stay true to their roots and abandoned their well-known name to remain in control of their local business. A 2010 deal with Mars Corporation had taken the name Alterra, but not the cafés, out of the hands of the founders. All will remain the same in the cafés, and the name change will be more apparent as the signs are replaced in the coming weeks. To celebrate and bring some fun to the process, an authentic “colectivo bus” will be touring to all of the cafés. Keep your eyes open for fun pop-up activities at Colectivo locations as the funky bus makes the rounds.