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Monday, July 8, 2013

Oh! You Pretty Lobotomies

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There's a lobotomy by the station


It's a god-awful small lobotomy


I'm afraid of lobotomy I'm afraid of the world


Just look through your lobotomy, look who sits outside




Look at your children see their faces in golden lobotomy


You're out there playing your high class lobotomy of sorrow


You're squawking like a pink monkey lobotomy


Is it any wonder I reject you lobotomy?




Memories that flutter like lobotomies out of hell


A plague I call a lobotomy


A million dead-end lobotomies


And when the lobotomies are strewn


Oh, my lobotomy, cling to me.






Lindsay Kane loves graphic novels, alleyways covered in graffiti, cheap whiskey, and profanity. Lindsay has been previously published twice in Furrow Magazine