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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Anton Batagov and Yungchen Lhamo

Tayatha (Canteloupe Music)

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Those desiring meditative, reflective music to accompany moments of solitude should seek out this album. Russian pianist/composer Bagatov and Tibetan vocalist Lhamo, both based in New York, were brought together by famed choreographer Bill T. Jones, and during a historic New York blizzard created Tayatha. The duo’s shared Buddhist faith permeates the music, with Bagatov’s simple piano complementing Lhamo’s ethereal vocals, which range from wailing to mere whispers. The album’s seven tracks range in length from the seven-minute “Flying Dakini” to the 16-minute epic “Your Kindness.” With Lhamo’s Tibetan vocals acting as a second instrument to Bagatov's keyboard, the album is a program of tranquil music perfect for quiet meditation.