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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Film Clips: June 20

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World War Z PG-13

Fast-moving zombies (with superior hearing) flesh out this adaptation of a novel by Max Brooks, son of Mel. News from the set included infighting and cast changes, but the final result is an engrossing film focused on the global response to a zombie pandemic. The film zeroes in on the quest by Gerry (Brad Pitt) to save his family and identify a means of defeating the plague. Astounding cinematography depicts a throng of zombies—seen from afar—that resembles wall-scaling ants. These large, breathtaking set pieces pushed the film’s budget past $200 million, but the film’s most heart-stopping passages are smaller in scope, such as when a group of scientists navigates a zombie-infested research facility. Pitt took on twin assignments as the producer and star, but his restrained performance makes the film more realistic and more frightening. (Lisa Miller)