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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Saltshakers

Change The Channel (Unreal Records)

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On the Milwaukee power pop band’s second in a series of three-track CD singles, they find engaging ways to kvetch about lack of romance with the objects of their affections. The title tune takes to task a paramour partial to ridiculous reality shows...even when a Brewers game is on! "Astrology" spoofs the predictive value of horoscope charts while "Triple Word Whore" references Scrabble and a certain “Office Space” term for family chain restaurant servers. The latter is the hardest rocking among this short sharp triptych, where guitar tone is set somewhere between chime and buzz, and singer Chad Curtis's adenoidal yelp fittingly sells these skewed ditties. Since you've proven yourselves great at putting together songs with slightly screwball outlooks and hooks catchy as anything, how about breaking from the singles series for your third full album, Shaker fellas?