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Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Life of Paul

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Everyone knows Pollock shits on.

Abstract painters can never be.

Consistently volatile is normal in.

Splash some dark green to.

Sometimes sobriety needs a little.


A drunk convinced everyone art.

Influence works both ways like.

Pearly colors mixed in with.

Never question the authenticity of.

Depression has some positives if.


“Lucifer” was a true expressionist.

The unconscious painting style was.

Avant-garde means it does not.

An unfaithful man makes for.

No clear meaning behind each.


Bar fights just mean Jackson.

Krasner deserves more respect than.

A touch of darkness completed.

Marriage is an abstract piece.

Splattered against a birch tree.






Matthew Farr grew up in Oak Creek, WI. You can find more of his poetry forthcoming in Verse Wisconsin, and you can easily find him trying to disappear.