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Short Orders (Koppa's Farwell Foods)

Cosmic Sandwiches

May. 10, 2008
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The independent grocery store is nearly a thing of the past. One of the rare survivors is Koppa’s Farwell Foods (1940 N. Farwell Ave.). The centerpiece, located at the rear of the store, is the Fulbeli Deli. Order at the counter from a menu of standardized sandwiches with many names from the solar system. Earth is bologna with American cheese; Uranus is shaved corned beef and Swiss. If nothing on the menu works, you can customize everything from the bread to alfalfa sprouts. Each component is separately priced, and the total will be no more than a few dollars. On Sunday the special is an inexpensive breakfast burrito. You can dine at the outdoor tables, but while you wait, why not try your hand at some games? There is an Atari system that is free of charge.

Koppa’s | Photos by Kate Engbring

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