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In Tandem Premieres ‘The Nightmare Room’

Oct. 4, 2012
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One room, two people and one vial of poison—Arthur Conan Doyle sure knew how to frame a thriller. John Goodrum has adapted Doyle’s story featuring that setup into a contemporary play. Goodrum’s The Nightmare Room receives its U.S. premiere here in Milwaukee, courtesy of In Tandem Theatre.

Libby Amato and Mary C. McLellan star as best friends. McLellan plays a married woman whose husband is very much loved by Amato's character. To this end, one friend has kidnapped the other and given her the opportunity torndirectly face fate in what has been described as a taut thriller.

Much can happen in a single room in an emotionally charged drama. With his experience, director Chris Flieller knows full well how to use the thrust of In Tandem’s intimate studio theater to its fullest effect. The anatomy of a moment playing out in real time between two women and a vial of poison would be interesting in and of itself, but there are also flashbacks that help to illuminate the story. The Nightmare Room should be a captivating emotional drama.

In Tandem Theatre's production of ThernNightmare Room runs Oct. 5-21 at the Tenth Street Theatre. For tickets reservations or for more information, call 414-271-1371.

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