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Friday, Aug. 10, 2012

The World Almanac for Kids 2013 (World Almanac Books)

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Can a paper World Almanac compete with apps for under-18s? The latest edition of The World Almanac for Kids answers with splashy, colorful layouts and lots of succinctly organized content with post-Millennial appeal. Geek chic and The Hunger Games share space historical timelines, the Presidents, rankings of the world's most prevalent languages (English is third, behind Chinese and Spanish) and a fascinating invention timeline. Did you know a Frenchman named Andre Thi Truong invented the personal computer in 1973 and an American called Steven Sasson invented the digital camera two years later? The fast pace of contemporary life is a challenge to any book that wants to be in the minute. The unmanned missions in the solar system page lists the Mars rover Curiosity as “due to land in August 2012.” The rover touched down successful just days before the 2013 Almanac rolled off the presses.