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Jun. 24, 2012
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Now the accrual of was. At Booth Lake, the body
on the gold rocks in the shallows. And the horses
grazing slant on that hill. Every lake owns its own
tragedy. One ate water. One shut yellow eyes
to the sun. One said each star finds its best
socket. One said I didn't anyway have a daylight
face. One was: a pose & pause & lily pining.
One the radiant landing. One said the sentence
is the memory of the evoked world. One said
Orchard Street, Swamp Angel Road. One said
a window or scrap of graph paper drawn in cloud.
One was lithe-tongued, virtually. One said no one
asked you to sing. One sang here is a grassblade
here is the sail distance calls faith. One said oh
but they never looked like real horses. One said
swallows the architects of. One said it isn't words
the mouth wants. One said Occasion. One said

"[Cassandra:}" by Francesca Abbate from Troy, Unincorporated, published by the University of Chicago Press. Copyright  2012 by The University of Chicago. All rights reserved.

Francesca Abbate is associate professor of English at Beloit College. Her poetry has appeared in Field, Iowa Review, NEO, and Poetry, among others. Troy, Unincorporated is her first book. She'll be reading at Boswell Books with poets Tyler Farrell and Andrea Potos on Tuesday, August 14th at 7pm.


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