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Sunday, Jan. 15, 2012

Cathedral Square

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On the park bench by
the curb, the moon stood
straight, and your hair sat in curls.
"I'm like a lemon," I like lemon!
"The sun makes me sleepy."

Your eyes blossomed and your
pupil's petals fell to my lap
as they blossomed for their
last fall. The gutter below
my toes echoed, savory.

Remember, when we were in
the auditorium playing the rain
dance, the curtain tripped on
our words and the chandelier
became our starry night,
dousing us in liquid sunshine –
we untied our shoes then.

Joseph Daniels credits the stories of James Joyce, particularly Ulysses, for his desire to write. Reading Joyce has taught him about the art of conversation and "a vision that streams in and out of consciousness."