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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Short Orders

Pizza Transformed

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For years it was a diner called Scrambled Ed’s, and before that, a George Webb. The new occupants, Transfer Pizzeria Cafe (101 W. Mitchell St.), have restored much of the century-old corner building to its original appearance, exposing wooden beams, a tile floor and stained glass. It’s pleasant and spacious, but the main reason for coming is the pizza. Ukrainian born master chef Vasyl Lembersky (formerly of Fresche Pizza) whips up an airy crust and piles it with choice ingredients, mostly organic and locally produced at Springdale Farm in Plymouth. The variety is enormous and the prices reasonable. Transfer also has a small selection of antipasti, salads, pasta, sandwiches and desserts, along with good Sven’s coffee. 

Photo by Kate Engbring