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Well Informed Citizens

Well Informed Citizens

1393 days ago
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A flute solo over fuzzed-out rhythm guitar on only the second track? Woo hoo! Boogie and blues in the framework of a thudding, pummeling jam orientation define the eight-song debut by Milwaukee's Well Informed Citizens. On their self-titled album, they faithfully tap into the early-'70s energy that rode the cusp of hard rock into metal. Lead Citizen Daniel Nathan brings that flute for only one cut (alas) but adds mountainous guitar and everyman songwriting that fits his ornery singing. An instrumental with an insinuating bottleneck slide riff concludes this opening shot from a band that sounds ready to crash any biker gang picnic they can find.

Well Informed Citizens play a CD-release show 9 p.m. May 27 at Linneman's Riverwest Inn.


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