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Friday, March 21, 2008


Highbury Pub

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Highbury Pub
2322 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.

Located on Bay View's northern edge, the Highbury Pub offers Milwaukee a raucous and fan-involved soccer experience. Singing to support the team is not only welcomed, but encouraged. Even if you don't know your Wigan Athletic from your Bayer Leverkusen, the regulars welcome anyone willing to enjoy what everyone outside the United States knows as football. The place opens at dawn on Saturday to offer a full plate of English Premiership matches starting at 6:30 a.m. and going into the early afternoon. There are also Spanish and Italian league games. A vocal and welcoming contingent of German fans supports that country's "Bundesliga" and no true devotee of the world's most beloved sport should miss the chance to mix it up with the other "nutters." (Dennis Shook)

Runners-up: Wicked Hop, Burnhearts