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Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2010

Tulip Blossoms With Lunch, Gluten-Free Menus

Short Order

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Milwaukee’s first and only fine-dining Turkish restaurant, Tulip (360 E. Erie St.), continues to shine after more than three years in business. The inviting interior features a fireplace, some sofas and spacious tables. Tasteful Turkish handicrafts, carpets and lighting complement the theme. Turkish food is very accessible, and this kitchen never disappoints. The stuffed grape leaf appetizers are thin and delicious, and the lamb shish kebab offers lean, tender pieces of meat. The $10 lunches are a really good deal, as the price includes soup, a Turkish salad and an entrée. Though the lunch menu is reduced, manti (miniature ravioli) and lamb kebabs are available. Tulip also offers a gluten-free menu that is nearly as large as the dinner menu. Those with gluten sensitivity will find an abundance of choices.