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Monday, Aug. 16, 2010

Gaelic Storm

Cabbage (Lost Again Records)

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Cabbage furthers the Celtic quintet’s absorption of multiple influences, including rock, bluegrass, Jamaican, African and Middle Eastern music, but its strongest cuts remain its firmly Gaelic instrumental rave-ups (“Blind Monkey,” “Jimmy’s Bucket” and “Crazy Eyes McGullicuddy”). Part of the Titanic house band’s disarming charm is its ability to poke fun at the fact that Irish-Americanism is a rampant condition. The signature tune, “Raised on Black and Tans,” sums up the sentiment in one hilarious chorus: “My mother’s brother’s sister’s cousin’s auntie’s Uncle Barney’s father’s brother had a cousin from Killarney.” Gaelic Storm would agree we’re all Irish once a year—twice if you count Irish Fest.

Gaelic Storm performs at Irish Fest Aug. 20-22.