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Cyberchump * Janzyk

ReGrooved (Internal Combustion)

Jul. 26, 2010
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The Milwaukee/Kansas City aural sculptors (as Cyberchump calls itself) decided to remix the electro-acoustic amalgamations of their first two CDs. Enter Milwaukee laptop music-maker Janzyk. The collaboration birthed a collection of eccentric ambient and intelligent dance tracks—or, rather, beat-driven tracks. Their danceability isn't a forced quality, but one that allows ReGrooved to work on the disco floor or in the chill-out lounge with roughly equal success.

The original albums were already blessed by input from such locals as John Kruth and Victor DeLorenzo, and the overlap of those contributors' styles abets in maintaining Cyberchump's genre-defying inscrutability. The occasional cryptic, likely cynical (or cheeky, at least) found vocals on these otherwise instrumental pieces also ups the mystery.

Fans of purposefully unobtrusive ’90s English house music will find much to embrace here, as will anyone wanting to hear synths, voices and "real" instruments melded in less obvious ways than on Deep Forest or Enigma records. Those already familiar with Cyberchump will be intrigued at the possibilities of what may come next.


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